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Know the Best Tips and Tricks to Market your Brand in the Metaverse

What is a Metaverse?

I’m sure that we all must have heard the term ‘Metaverse’ once in our life. Although it is a relatively new concept, it has been visualized for years. Metaverse is a mix of 3D environments clubbed together with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) focused on bringing together people virtually in the form of avatars. Imagine sitting at your home and visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Taj Mahal in Agra. Imagine attending concerts without traveling for hours or getting sandwiched between thousands of people. Philip Rosedale, the creator of ‘second life’ describes metaverses as “A three-dimensional Internet that is populated with live people” 


Metaverse and Marketing – How does it work?


A metaverse is where virtual ‘people’ engage and socialize. Since it is gaining popularity and more people are joining the virtual world, there is a lot of scope for brands and individuals to promote themselves or their goods/services. Marketing in the metaverse or ‘Internet Marketing’ means connecting with the relatively younger generation that will be the potential target customers in the coming years. Metaverses are all set to step their foot in our homes. This is the opportunity that is banging at our doors! 


Let us take a look at some currently known methods of Metaverse Marketing –

  • Being a part of the metaverse –

Being a part of the metaverse catches the eye of the visitors without disrupting their experience. People visit Metaverses to gain new experiences and it is human nature to get annoyed by something that disrupts their experience. Molding the brand into a metaverse that is visible but not bothering anyone is the best way to market in this digital space.

  • Creative campaigns in the virtual environment –

A metaverse is nothing but a creative world built for entertainment purposes and to engage with others. If a brand wants itself to be known as the ‘metaverse brand’, creative campaigns within the metaverses are a must. An example of this is to offer real-life goods/services through these digital worlds. Coupon codes for doing in-world tasks, discounts for exploring and finding certain replicas or real-life goods, and many more creative campaigns can attract more people or ‘avatars’ to your digital world and ultimately to your brand.

  • Offering or selling goods virtually –

Although the purpose of a metaverse is to socialize without being physically present amongst others, many people see it as real-world and thus want real-world experiences. Offering goods to avatars can bring attention to the brand. Selling them as NFTs can be a good choice as they are trending nowadays and thousands of them are being minted every day. 

  • Virtual Banners and Billboards – 

What’s better than the good old billboards? With a location where there are millions of daily visitors, you can expect nothing but some good exposure! Advertising on virtual billboards is again an example where visitors notice you without getting disturbed. Banners and billboards are the ‘evergreen’ sources of advertising and even in the virtual world, they have a good scope!


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